Karen Nowack - dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

   I have been a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate for almost a year now and I can not begin to express the difference that dōTERRA has made in my life. My Husband and I have both drastically cut back on our prescription medications and feel great. We use dōTERRA oils in diffusers that not only make our home smell wonderful but provide us with the health benefits while we breath.

   The business side of dōTERRA has been equally great. I’ve made so many new friends and  it is so much more fulfilling, every day, than my old 9-5 rut. Selling dōTERRA oils is fun and easy and has become a lifestyle that is rewarding on so many levels!

   Please view the video below to learn more about what dōTERRA oils can mean to you.

Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils

Trailer 2nd Official Version

Dr. Dave R Steuer on Killing Bacteria with Essential Oils

dōTERRA Live Lifestyle Overview

dōTERRA 2018 Product Guide

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